Season 4 of “The Boys” star Antony Starr teases why Homelander’s sociopathic character won’t be altered by having a family.

 Season 4 of “The Boys” star Antony Starr teases why Homelander’s sociopathic character won’t be altered by having a family.

Fans of “The Boys” can’t stop gushing over season 3, which has swept the nation by storm. After feeling betrayed by his most loyal supe, Homelander (Antony Starr) killed Noir in the third episode of the Amazon Prime Video series. While Queen Maeve lost her eye and her abilities during a confrontation with Soldier Boy, The Butcher was slowly dying from the effects of Temp V. However, Starlight has now officially joined The Boys and they are prepared to face Victoria Neuman.

But before getting into a battle, Homelander encountered his father Soldier Boy, which was one of the show’s most moving scenes. Homelander was overcome with emotion and even brought his kid Ryan. Soldier Boy didn’t become nostalgic after he told his son that he was his grandfather; instead, he only wanted to fight. We concluded from Homelander’s response that he undoubtedly still possesses some emotional capacity. But when he ruthlessly executed a guy in front of his son Ryan, everything changed, and by the time the season was up, Ryan didn’t view him as a hero.

So, as usual, the haughty psychopath did emerge, but this time in front of the general public. The character’s destiny is left unclear as a result, but it appears Antony Starr has a vision for where he wants his character to go in the forthcoming season. In a previous interview, Starr stated that Homelander will adore a family in the forthcoming episodes, but she also made it plain that having a family might not prevent him from being a psychotic killer.

Starr stated to Screen Rant regarding the destiny of his character: “I think the character’s end goal is in stark disagreement and direct conflict with reality. I believe he would adore a family. And in my opinion, it’s all fantasy-dressed. All of what he genuinely desires is wrapped up in fantasy.

The actor also admitted that he would want more from life if he got everything he wanted because it wouldn’t satisfy his ego. Therefore, having everything or having a family won’t stop him from being a psychopath, and Homelander cannot be saved since he has fallen so far into the pit of evil.

“And I think he wouldn’t know how to quit if he ever achieved what he wanted. He really doesn’t have much of an identity, and I believe that in him to have any kind of identity, he needs to be pushing against something. So if he gets his way, God help the planet, Starr added.

Given that the character’s craziness has only started and that he will do anything to assert his supremacy over others, it will be interesting to see what is ahead for him. The final shot, in which he murders a person who dislikes him, reveals what people think of him.

There is another, far darker reality about it, though. Homelander may now do anything and people will support him because the entire crowd roared when he killed that individual. This is extremely risky and puts everyone at danger. Season 4 may be devastation if Season 3 was anarchy. Wait and see, shall we.

‘The Boys’ season 3 is presently available to watch on Amazon Prime Video.

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