7 Wonders Architects board game review

Way back in 2012, we reviewed a hot new card game getting a lot of buzz – 7 Wonders.

While it looked intimidating with so many colors and symbols, it quickly became a family hit – even for mom!

Fast forward a decade and Asmodee released a new standalone iteration on the theme with 7 Wonders Architects.

The game play is quite different while still feeling familiar for those who enjoy the original. It’s a much simpler card game and also includes players physically building their personal wonder in stages.

And because it’s a standalone game, one wonderful thing is that you don’t have to know the original to enjoy 7 Wonders Architects.

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Bellum Magica Board Game Review

Running a castle, plundering neighboring villages and defending yourself from other competing overlords is hard work. You can’t possibly be expected to do it all yourself. You need good, reliable help.

That’s where Evil Creature Inc. comes in.

We take the hassle out of finding your worker needs. We have Evil Creatures and Most Evil Creatures that can do the heavy lifting for you. You just provide the meat and glyphs and they’ll do the rest!

In Bellum Magica, by Blue Orange Games, players take on the role of evil overlords trying to conquer and plunder the human countryside. To do this they need to hire Evil and Most Evil Creatures to provide resources and swords to the cause. The first player to loot their 10th treasure chest ends the game, and the overlord with the most treasure wins.

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Shifting Stones Board Game Review

It’s time to leave no stone unturned!

Shifting Stones from Gamewright is a fun hand management, puzzle style game for the whole family.

Players will discard Pattern cards from their hand to manipulate the center Stone tiles in order to complete other Pattern cards. The player to do this the most proficiently will be the winner.

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Relative Insanity: See What I Mean?! game review

“There are few certainties in life. One of them is everybody’s relatives are crazy. You can let them make you nuts too, or you can learn to laugh about it. I prefer laughter every time.” — Jeff Foxworthy

And when you get a game with Jeff Foxworthy’s name emblazoned on it, you can expect laughter.

That’s definitely the case with Relative Insanity: See What I Mean?! by PlayMonster.

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Another SaltCon Success

Last weekend wasn’t what I’d expected.

But SaltCon still made me smile.

That’s because every year, I look forward to attending SaltCon — an awesome board game convention in Utah.

As you can see from my anticipatory post last month, SaltCon has tons to offer.

However, this year turned out to be much different for me.

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Harry Potter is at it again

Are you ready for another Harry Potter family board game?

We sure are!

Harry Potter: Hogwarts Battle – Defence Against the Dark Arts may sound like it’s an expansion to Harry Potter: Hogwarts Battle that we reviewed a few years ago. But it’s not.

It’s a standalone game that’s great on its own merits!

The original game is a cooperative game where players work together to defeat wizarding world villains.

But in Harry Potter: Hogwarts Battle – Defence Against the Dark Arts, rather than working together, 2 players go head-to-head in a dueling battle!

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Be your favorite Disney villain in Villainous!

With the launch of Disney+ this past month, millions of families are watching tons of classic Disney movies lately.

Of course, to families with young children, this comes as no surprise because they’ve probably been watching lots of Disney movies regularly anyway. In all these movies, we cheer for the hero.

Well, what about the Villains?

If we were to view these movies from the perspective of the villains, they’ve got some major challenges to overcome as well.

Now it’s your turn to try!

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Catan’s digital rebirth: Catan Universe

One of the most popular board games published in the last few decades is Catan.

Well, it used to be called Settlers of Catan – but within the last few years officially shortened the name to just Catan.

A number of years ago, Catan also made it’s way to digital devices where it continued to find its way into new players’ hands. And now it’s been updated with a new look and feel with multiple modes of play across all digital platforms (browser, Steam, iOS, GooglePlay, and Amazon Appstore).

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Dice City Review and Giveaway!

It’s time to build the best city around!

As the name so aptly describes, Dice City is a game about building your city using dice.

If you saw our review of Machi Koro last week, you may be thinking, “Didn’t I just read a review about a city-building dice game?”

While the short answer is “Yes”, the long answer is “We’ve got another game for you to check out – Dice City.”

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Forbidden Island – lead on, brave souls

Are you ready to venture to Forbidden Island, snag the treasure and get off the island before it sinks?

Don’t worry – you won’t have to venture out alone. Grab your family and gather around for another great cooperative game designed by Matt Leacock (designer of Pandemic) and published by Gamewright.

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