Museum Suspects board game review

As you stand there admiring “The Night Watch” by your favorite 17th century artist, Rembrandt van Rijn, you notice a commotion occurring near the statues display a few rooms over.

A minute later you hear the shrill ringing of the museum alarm and see guards racing in from every direction. Next thing you know, you and many other museum patrons are being questioned by the local authorities about a priceless sculpture that has been stolen from the museum moments before.

In Museum Suspects, by designer Phil Walker-Harding and publisher Blue Orange Games, you take on the role of a detective sifting through a multitude of museum attendees and clues in order to figure out who the thief or thieves are.

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Bag Of Chips Board Game Review, Not Snack Review

If you’re at a family BBQ will you ever pass up reaching for the bag of chips?

When you’re standing in line at Subway, do you feel compelled to grab a bag of chips with your order?

Bag Of Chips might look like a tasty treat, but don’t be fooled. It’s one of the newest games, premiered at Origins Game Fair, by Blue Orange Games.

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Downtown Farmers Market

Farmers markets are known the world over as almost all countries have some form of them.

At these markets, patrons enjoy a wide variety of goods that reflect the culture and economy of the area they’re being held in. From produce to handcrafted goods, you can find almost anything you want or need at one of these amazing local events.

In Downtown Farmers Market, from Blue Orange Games, players compete to gather goods from the market that fulfill 8 overlapping objectives. The player who does this the best is crowned Market Champion.

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Neoville Board Game Review

Frank Lloyd Wright has been my favorite architect as long as I can remember. His modern organic architecture has been an inspiration to many of today’s prominent architects. Falling Water, a house designed by Frank in 1935, exemplifies his philosophy of organic architecture with the harmonious union of art and nature.

Blue Orange Games new release, Neoville, picks right up on this theme of bio-architecture as players take on the role of an architect creating a new kind of city where the buildings conform to their surrounding and nature is the star.

Create giant stone edifices, fluid water buildings, tall tree towers or mighty clay high-rises bringing harmony to your city and prestige to you.

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Dragon Market board game review

The princess is having a wedding this weekend and everyone is rushing to gather gifts and treasures for the occasion.

But this gathering isn’t as simple as running to the store and buying things. Instead, you’ll be maneuvering boats and jumping from boat to boat to collect the items you’re after.

Plus, others will be out doing the same thing and they’ll make even harder for you to get around and get what you need.

So it is in Dragon Market – a fun family board game from Blue Orange Games.

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Way Back In Time – Kingdomino Origins

Before the dragons came… Before the great duel took place… Before the age of giants began… Before her imperial majesty took her reign… And before the kingdom itself came: The Origin.

In Kingdomino Origins, from Blue Orange Games, players are prehistoric tribal leaders advancing their civilizations and creating the most powerful kingdom in the land. They do this by adding terrain dominos to their kingdom to earn them the most points.

Since the namesake is Kingdomino, players familiar with the original Kingdomino game will find a lot of similarities. Yet in Kingdomino Origins, there are 3 different modes of play!

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Zoom In Barcelona Board Game Review

Barcelona, the city of dragons, is known for its art, architecture and yes its dragons.

Scattered throughout the city are over 400 dragons in both the architecture and artwork. The city is dotted with amazing structures like the fantastical Sagrada Família church and other modernist landmarks designed by Antoni Gaudí.

In Zoom in Barcelona, from Blue Orange Games, players race around the city on foot, bikes, scooters, cabs and buses, taking pictures of the beautiful landmarks and the skyline in an effort to win the coveted photography contest. The player who does this the best wins.

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Bellum Magica Board Game Review

Running a castle, plundering neighboring villages and defending yourself from other competing overlords is hard work. You can’t possibly be expected to do it all yourself. You need good, reliable help.

That’s where Evil Creature Inc. comes in.

We take the hassle out of finding your worker needs. We have Evil Creatures and Most Evil Creatures that can do the heavy lifting for you. You just provide the meat and glyphs and they’ll do the rest!

In Bellum Magica, by Blue Orange Games, players take on the role of evil overlords trying to conquer and plunder the human countryside. To do this they need to hire Evil and Most Evil Creatures to provide resources and swords to the cause. The first player to loot their 10th treasure chest ends the game, and the overlord with the most treasure wins.

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Photosynthesis: Under the Moonlight Board Game Review

Photosynthesis, from Blue Orange Games, is a beautiful and elegant game about using the sun’s power to grow majestic trees.

In the expansion, Photosynthesis: Under the Moonlight, players will not only be using the rays from the sun, but they’ll also harness the light from the moon to activate powers of their unique forest animals.

Photosynthesis: Under the Moonlight is actually 3 expansions in one; Forest Animals, Moonstones, and the The Great Elder Tree!

You can play all of them at once or À la carte, it’s up to you.

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Meeple Land Board Game Review

In Meeple Land players will be creating their very own amusement park by purchasing a variety of attractions and services while luring in lots of paying customers.

Attention will need to be given to how things are laid out, making sure services are within reach of visitors, and paths don’t lead to dead ends.

The game ends after 4 rounds, at which point the player with the most reputation points wins. Reputation is earned from a diverse collection of attractions and services, number of visitors in the park, and lack of dead ends and stranded visitors at the entrance.

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