Play the villain in Star Wars Villainous

I’m currently watching Andor on Disney+ and loving it.

With Disney pumping out more and more Star Wars shows (The Mandalorian, Obi-Wan Kenobi, Tales of the Jedi, The Book of Boba Fett, and much more) it’s no wonder Ravensburger recently released Star Wars Villainous: Power of the Dark Side.

Designed with a similar premise to the popular game Disney Villainous, players take on the roles of popular villains to achieve their nefarious goals before their opponents reach theirs.

Only this time, players get to be their favorite Star Wars villains in Star Wars Villainous!

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Minecraft Builders and Biomes – More Than Punching Trees

Back in early 2019, my four boys started asking me if we could get the hit game–Minecraft. I said “No” for a long time. Until after much research and finding out that you can play solo and in private servers, I finally relented and Minecraft entered our home.

Flash forward a year and a half and Minecraft has become a huge hit in our house, not only by my kids, but also by me!

Many hours have been spent creating worlds, adventuring to find treasure, and fighting the steady stream of monsters placed in our way.

When Ravensburger released the board game Minecraft Builders and Biomes, in late 2019 we were all very interested in how it would compare to its digital counterpart. I watch some play-throughs and sure enough, it looked like something we would enjoy very much. Once I got connected with The Board Game Family, I asked Trent to hook me up, and boy did he come through.

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Back to the Future board games Comparison

What are the chances that two different companies would publish cooperative board games based on Back to the Future in the same year?

Well, it is 2020 – and anything can happen.

Seriously though, we’re big fans of cooperative board games families can play together. So of course we were up for reviewing both Back to the Future: Back in Time by Funko and Back to the Future: Dice Through Time by Ravensburger.

We posted our review of Back in Time in June and posted our review of Dice Through Time this week.

So now it’s time to give you our take on the how the games compare!

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Back to the Future: Dice Through Time game review

Last Wednesday was Marty McFly Day – October 21 – the day Marty McFly and Doc Brown traveled to the future (the 2015 future) in Back to the Future II.

You may not have even noticed. And that’s okay, because it means the space time continuum hasn’t been disrupted!

And even though we’re just now posting this game review, let’s do a bit of time travel of our own and pretend we’re back to a few days ago, October 21, taking a look at Back to the Future: Dice Through Time by Ravensburger.

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All aboard the Disney Jungle Cruise!

“This secluded elephant pool has never before been seen by civilized man. And looking at everyone on this boat, it still hasn’t.”

“Bamboo can grow to be six stories tall…although this bamboo looks about seven stories tall. But that’s a whole other story.”

These jokes probably sound very familiar if you’ve spent time aboard the Jungle Cruise ride at Disneyland or Disney World. And playing Disney Jungle Cruise Adventure Game, you’ll get to tell a whole bunch more!

But telling jokes isn’t the crux of the game, it’s just a by-product. Instead, the game pits players against each other racing along the river, collecting cargo, and keeping their passengers safe.

Ready to captain your boat to victory?

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Escape Rooms come to Puzzles!

We’ve reviewed a bunch of Escape Room type board games and even included a number of them in our 2019 Board Game Gift Guide.

Well, we’ve got a new twist on Escape Room games for you today — Escape Puzzles!

We first heard about Escape Puzzles from Ravensburger a few months ago and just attempted our first one last week. And I had a lot of fun doing it!

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Be your favorite Disney villain in Villainous!

With the launch of Disney+ this past month, millions of families are watching tons of classic Disney movies lately.

Of course, to families with young children, this comes as no surprise because they’ve probably been watching lots of Disney movies regularly anyway. In all these movies, we cheer for the hero.

Well, what about the Villains?

If we were to view these movies from the perspective of the villains, they’ve got some major challenges to overcome as well.

Now it’s your turn to try!

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Harry Potter maze-shifting fun

For many years we’ve heard of a great introductory family board game called, Labyrinth — first published in 1986. So when I had the chance to get a copy in a trade at SaltCon this year, I was happy to end up with a copy of the game for our family.

But then an even better deal came along.

Ravensburger sent us a copy of the new iteration of the game — Harry Potter Labyrinth!

Yes, it’s exactly the same game play as the original — but we love Harry Potter, so this is totally the way to go for us. Read on to see if it is for your family too.

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The Quest for El Dorado board game review

In The Quest for El Dorado by Ravensburger players traverse jungle, waterways, and native villages to find the elusive treasure. They must prepare well to make the journey. But they can’t spend all their time preparing or they’ll be left behind and another explorer will beat them to it.

How will you do on this quest?

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Jurassic Park Danger! board game review

When Jurassic Park first his movie theaters in 1993 I was blown away!

I was transported to Isla Nublar and caught up in a world with dinosaurs that exploded my imagination. And it’s remained a favorite movie of mine ever since.

Fast forward to now – 25 years later – where the Jurassic Park experience has been aptly transferred into a fun and challenging board game.

Over the years there have been a number of attempts at creating a Jurassic Park board game. But none of those have come close to recreating the feel of being on Isla Nublar with dinosaurs like Jurassic Park Danger does!

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